BRANDING 2014, hug you

hug you/ブランディング

タオルブランド「hug you」のブランディングを担当しました。

hug you/branding

We were in charge of the whole branding for the “hug you” towel brand.
We built the brand’s image with the concepts of “good times” and “life force”.
The Visual Identity of the concept is well exemplified throughout the
promotional pamphlets, packaging, tag line, web site, etc.

creative direction  / 池田敦(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
design / 増田剛(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
planning & copy writting / 松本幸(QUILL)
web site design & cording / spicato
photo/ 藤木潤一
works photo/中村晃大