奈良県 生駒市/おもいをかわす婚姻届

奈良県 生駒市オリジナル婚姻届「おもいをかわす婚姻届」のプランニング&デザインを担当しました。


IKOMA CITY/Marriage registration

We were in charge of the planning and design of the original marriage registration “Imoma dodge marriage registration” in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture.
Attach a letter of note to each other on the marriage notification and submit it at the time of notification. It will be stored in the city and will be mailed to the two in the notification month three years later.

* As part of the “Public Redesign” project carried out by the Osaka Prefecture Enokojima Culture and Art Creation Center.

creative direction / 池田 敦(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
art direction & design  / 阪口玄信(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
copy writting / 西川有紀(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
illustration / 西淑
coordinate/ 大阪府立江之子島文化芸術創造センター
works photo / 米田真也(anthem photoworks)