FLYER/DM 2017, ondo


画家・網代幸介 個展の告知DM&ポスターをデザインしました。

ondo/「REINETTE」dm & poster

We designed the announcement DM & poster for the painter Kosuke Ajiro’s solo exhibition.
The DM will be opened in a double door according to the shape of this 3D work.
The notice poster uses a textured paper. The edges of the posters are burned in one by one to create the “REINETTE” worldview.

creative direction / 池田 敦(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
art direction / 阪口 玄信(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
design / 山下 順平(G_GRAPHICS INC.)
art work /網代 幸介

works photo /米田真也(anthem photoworks)